Multimodal Wednesday: LTL

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LTL 101 LTL (aka Less than Truckload) is a popular mode of transportation for those with smaller shipment sizes. LTL utilizes a “hub and spoke” method, meaning that individual shipments, usually 5 to 6 pallets maximum, do not travel directly from the pick-up location to the destination. The typical process for LTL shipments is outlined below: Shipments are picked up by a driver and taken to a terminal to be unloaded and inspected. The freight is then loaded onto an outbound trailer, which either transports the freight to a breakbulk facility/activity center or the shipment’s destination terminal. If the freight is headed to an activity center, it will be unloaded and reloaded onto a different trailer that is heading to the carrier’s facility in the destination city. Once the freight reaches the destination terminal it will be loaded onto a trailer to be delivered to the consignee. Some things to

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Training Tuesday: Top 4 Planning Tips

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Before “the Sell”: Top 4 Planning Tips You must be mentally prepared before you make a sales call and the planning process is critical to your success. The big four planning tips addressed in the video are below: 1.Know our industry. It’s your job to know as much as you can about the transportation industry.  Extensive and up-to-date knowledge of your industry provides your customers with greater confidence in your recommendations and ability. 2.Know SunteckTTS. By having a clear, thorough understanding of SunteckTTS, you’ll field customer questions and objections more easily 3.Know your competition. Learn everything you can about your competition.  Know their strengths and weaknesses. Thorough research of your competitors’ services provides you with the differentiating factors and where you can contribute to making changes that will improve your agency’s performance. 4.Know your customer. Complete knowledge of your customer’s company will show interest, always impresses, and represents an important

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Top 5 Reasons to Become a SunteckTTS Agent

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We’ve compiled our top reasons why you should become an agent with us here at SunteckTTS. Each week we’ll be sharing further details on one of the many reasons you’ll love being part of the SunteckTTS agent team. Becoming a SunteckTTS agent allows you to focus on what you do best – building relationships and profitable partnerships with customers – while we help you handle the rest.  Just a few of the reasons we’ll be exploring in this series include access to our extensive back office support, insurance, operating authority, marketing, resources, and industry reputation. We provide a competitive advantage to our agents from day one and are dedicated to providing the tools you need to be successful. Top 5 Reasons to Become an Agent with SunteckTTS Utilize our back-office support Focus on what you do best Lessen your risk Keep your small company feel Maintain your operating autonomy  

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Training Tuesday: Selling SunteckTTS video series

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TRAINING TUESDAY: Our new video series ‘Selling SunteckTTS’ leads you through the 3 stages of the sell: Before, During, and After. Each video focuses on a different element of the sales process and offers valuable insight into how to be successful at each stage. The videos are listed below by category and are accessible as a full playlist via our SunteckTTS YouTube channel. Videos will also be featured here and on our social media for “Training Tuesday” over the next 14 weeks. BEFORE ‘THE SELL’  Top 4 Planning Tips Top 4 Prospecting Tips How to Make the First Call How to Leave a Voicemail ‘THE SELL’ Tips for Your Initial Approach Consultative Selling How to Make a Presentation How to Overcome Objections How to Take Control How to Confirm the Sale AFTER ‘THE SELL’ Handling Rejection Ask for Customer Referrals How to Deliver Great Customer Service Addressing Problems

SunteckTTS ranks top ten in Transport Topics’ “Top Freight Brokerage Firms of 2017”

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SunteckTTS, a leading provider of agent‐based, multi‐modal transportation solutions, was recently recognized as the 8th largest Brokerage Company in Transport Topics’ Top Freight Brokerage Firms of 2017. The logistics provider rose in the rankings following the merger late last year between Sunteck and TTS. “These two companies offer expanded operations, relationship and technology capabilities to our agents, carriers and customers and we are pleased to once again be included on Transport Topics’ annual rankings,” said Ken Forster, CEO of SunteckTTS. SunteckTTS is one of the largest multimodal, agent-based freight management service providers in the U.S., approaching $1 billion in gross revenue, and managing more than 700,000 intermodal, truckload and less-than-truckload shipments annually. The full list can be found here.   ## About SunteckTTS With offices in Jacksonville, FL, and Frisco, TX, SunteckTTS combines two third-party providers of transportation and logistics management services to create one of the largest multimodal, agent-based

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SunteckTTS Deal Closed Creating a “Top 10 North American Freight Manager”

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SunteckTTS expanding capacity, supply-chain solutions and productivity gains The merger between Sunteck and TTS, LLC, announced on October 23, 2016, has officially closed. The resulting company will be one of the largest multimodal, agent-based freight management service providers in the U.S., approaching $1 billion in gross revenue, and managing more than 700,000 intermodal, truckload and less-than-truckload shipments annually. Operating under the name SunteckTTS, the entity’s 200+ agents and wide-ranging customer base will now source increased capacity through a combined network of more than 30,000 carriers. In addition to its strong non-asset capabilities, SunteckTTS will have a combined 2,000 truck fleet in its direct asset-light capacity division. The existing direct rail intermodal program from TTS, with access to more than 200,000 pieces of equipment, will be enhanced by the large intermodal drayage network from Sunteck. This capacity will become critical as driver shortages and industry consolidation continues, enabling the new entity’s

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Sunteck and TTS Merge and Become a “Top 10 North American Freight Manager”

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– Expanding capacity, supply-chain solutions and productivity gains for agents and customers – JACKSONVILLE, FL/DALLAS, TX (October 26, 2016) – Two leading agent-based, third-party providers of transportation and logistics management services, Sunteck, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and TTS, LLC, headquartered in Dallas, TX, today announced the two companies agreed to merge and will operate as SunteckTTS. The merger will create one of the largest, multimodal, agent-based freight management service providers in the U.S., approaching $1 billion in gross revenue, and managing more than 700,000 intermodal, truckload and less-than-truckload shipments annually. Ken Forster, the current CEO of Sunteck will serve as the President and CEO of SunteckTTS and Andy Cole, the current President and CEO of TTS, will serve as Chairman of the Board. “This is an exciting moment as these two companies will become one and establish a powerful platform, offering expanded operations, capacity relationships and technology capabilities to our agents,

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Register for the 2016 Success Summit

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Time is running out to register for the 2016 Success Summit, October 14th-16th, at the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Be sure to watch the attached video for a short preview of this year’s event. Visit to reserve your room and RSVP by 9/9/16.

Training Tuesday: Handling Problems

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  It doesn’t take long for anyone in the transportation business to realize that occasionally bad things happen to good people. • Pick-up or delivery times are missed • Freight gets damaged • A shipment is delayed • A billing problem becomes frequent You name it, it can and occasionally will happen. Football coaches have a saying: “When a quarterback throws a pass, three things can happen, and two of them are bad”. When customers aren’t happy, whether it’s because a shipment is late, damaged or lost, five things can happen—and four of them are bad: THE CUSTOMER DOESN’T LET US KNOW HE WAS UNHAPPY WITH SUNTECK’S SERVICE. NOT GOOD. The next time the shipper calls in a pick-up (if they give you a second chance) they’ll have a negative attitude right from the start. THE CUSTOMER CHANGES CARRIERS IN SILENCE. NOT GOOD EITHER. At best, we know only that

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Training Tuesday: Customer Service

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  Clients expect service, but agents, salespeople, and clients often have trouble defining “service”. Driving across town to deliver donuts often gets listed as a service call.  Dropping in to see how things are going often appears on weekly call reports as service.  To some sales agents, service is what they do when they don’t feel like selling.  Service can be a way to put off more important activities.  Servicing your customer is very important.  Just be careful.  Don’t use service calls as a way to convince yourself that you’re selling.  A service call should have definable objectives. One problem with service calls is that there’s very little short-term reward for doing it.  Few agents or sales managers greet returning salespeople at the end of the day with, “Did you provide great service to your clients today?”  Instead, managers ask, “Who did you sell today?  Did you put any freight

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